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Deposit: For groups under 20, a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total package price will secure your Dude vacation reservation. Groups of 20 or more and special packages require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Tax: A 3.7% sales tax will be applied to your bill at time of check-out.

Gratuity: Tips are gratefully accepted and are not included in the package rates. We ask that any monetary gift be left at the Office at time of check-out. Our “tip pool” policy assures that all staff will benefit from your generosity. Thank you.

Final Payment: Final payment is due at check-out but can be prepaid. We appreciate payment with personal check. We also accept American Express, Master Card, and Visa.

In Case of Cancellation: If you must cancel, we will refund the entire deposit less $100 per person if the cancellation is at least 90 days prior to planned arrival. Because there is no refund for groups of 20 or more, we strongly recommend trip insurance to protect from cancellation losses.

Great Grownup Getaway

Smoke-free Environment: To assure you a safe and healthy stay, smoking is not permitted inside Ranch facilities or on the trail.

Alcoholic Beverages: Our liquor license does not permit personal beverages in public areas. You are, however, permitted to keep and consume your own alcoholic beverages in your accommodations.

Pets: Yes, we have pets — horses, cows, chickens, and dogs! If you choose to travel with your pet, we can recommend nearby pet care facilities.

Laundry: Best to pack for the week! If needed, pick-up laundry service is available mid-week.


Personal Items: Toiletries, sun glasses, sun screen, curling iron, and don’t forget the camera!

What to Wear: Comfort is key! Casual clothing and comfortable footwear work best. Jeans, long- and short-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, swim suit, water shoes (if you plan to raft or tube the river). A hat and boots are a must. Some folks like to dress up for the Hoedown.

What NOT to Bring: Cowboys travel light! If you don’t have boots and hat already, consider getting them after your arrive. We have hats for sale at the Sylvan Dale Gift Shop and boots to borrow from the Heart-J Saloon. We can also direct you to our local western store.

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