Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture & Regenerative Ranching

Sylvan Dale Ranch Heart-J HerdSylvan Dale Guest Ranch is undergoing an exciting agricultural transformation. Having transitioned to a grass fed and grass-finished beef operation 7 years ago, the ranch is now integrating multiple species into its rotational grazing program. This approach allows Sylvan Dale to produce sustainable foods and manage our lands in a regenerative and ecological way, while also providing opportunity for the next generation of agrarian farmers and ranchers. Interested in applied sustainable agriculture and opportunities to learn more? Please read on.

Sylvan Dale Ranch Heart-J HogsPastured pork and poultry now work together with the beef cattle to create a functioning ranch organism, in which each species plays its part in ecological functioning and food production. The Heart-J Beef herd graze the short grasses of the Rocky Mountain Foothills region, followed closely by the Heart-J Hens that clean up the pastures, apply their own fertilizer to the mix, and provide us with delicious and nutritious eggs sold to local markets. The Heart-J Hogs, our heritage breed hogs, are used to “plow” certain pastures, using the rooting nature of pigs to prepare and fertilize the soil for future vegetable crops and re-seeding of native grass pastures. Fed not only on our pastures, but also on brewer’s distiller grains from the successful local craft beer and spirits industry, the Heart-J Hogs are actively addressing the food waste problem in Northern Colorado by producing bacon! That’s regenerative!

Partnerships and Opportunities

Sylvan Dale Ranch Sustainable Agriculture and Regenerative RanchingCombining the latest technology and tried and true traditional animal husbandry techniques, Sylvan Dale Ranch is on the leading edge of diversified and regenerative ranching in our region. A new partnership with Sylvan Dale RanchHeart-J Center for Experiential Learning, and Colorado State University will provide meaningful research on multi-species grazing as it relates to climate change, food production, and ecological land management.

Come enjoy the many opportunities at Sylvan Dale to “get your hands dirty” and follow Heart-J Herd Manager Michael as he develops a truly sustainable and regenerative ranching program.