Successful Launch for Mariano’s Crossing, David J’s historical novel.


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Publishing your first novel is a bit nerve-wracking.  First you get an ego adjustment from your critique group as they pick apart your precious prose.  Then you get more character-building experience by having your finished manuscript rejected by scores of harried agents and editors.   When you finally get published, expectations sufficiently lowered, you wonder whether anyone will come to your book launch.  You’d be happy with a crowd of three, over and above your immediate family.

 So it was with a sense of wonder and gratitude that I peered out at a crowd of over one hundred book enthusiasts who elbowed into Loveland’s Anthology Book Company Friday night, October 12, to hear about my historical novel, Mariano’s Crossing.  Thank you thank you and thank you.  The book store thanks you.  They sold some eighty books, and not a few beers.  And let’s add the thanks of the Loveland Historical Society, who will receive my part of the proceeds of your generous purchases.

 Now the euphoria is fading, and I’m wondering if anyone will like the book. 

 Attention, readers:  If you do like it, feel free to infect the social media with your viral accolades.  Tweet away, however that works (it’s a mystery to me).  On the other hand, if you don’t like it, contact me privately.  I’m used to it, but why spoil it for others?  Heh, heh. 

 David J

 PS.  You can buy autographed copies from my website at  The book is also available at Anthology Books, 422 E. 4th Street in Loveland, CO, and will be distributed through regular channels to bookstores and on-line retailers after November 26.

Comments on Successful Launch for Mariano’s Crossing, David J’s historical novel.

December 13, 2012

Andy Norman @ 9:02 am #

Congratulations, Jesse! I’m treating myself and Heidi to a copy of your book for Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to reading it! Love and hugs, Andy

January 14, 2013

Frank Cada @ 2:39 pm #

I just finished the book within about a week from starting. The more I read the harder it was to put down. I don’t read many novels but this caught my eye since it was based a few miles from where I have lived the last 40 years. My children went to school described in the book, remodeled a few times I am sure. Not only that, I related to one of the characters since we both came from the Flathead valley in Montana. Aside from personal connections I thought it was a great story about interpersonal relationships and early life in Colorado. I will recommend it to our book group, it has been mentioned already but I may be the first to read it which is a requirement.