How to Buy Grass-fed Beef


   Beef production has been a tradition at Sylvan Dale Ranch since the mid 1960s, when Maurice and Mayme Jessup bought their first herd of cattle.  In the years that followed, they developed a breeding program with registered Saler and Gelbvieh bulls resulting in a unique herd well-suited to the grasslands of the Rocky Mountain foothills.   Recently we have introduced Red Angus breeding stock, known for its tenderness.

Today, our cattle free-range on adjacent forest land, as well as our 3,200 acre ranch, over 80% of which is protected by conservation easements.  Our rotational grazing practices stimulate vegetation re-growth and also help to prevent the build-up of fuels on the forest floor thus reducing the risk of wildfire.

We are extremely proud of our herd and the quality natural beef they provide.   If you are interested in purchasing some healthy, grass-fed-from-start-to-finish beef, plese e-mail or give us a call at 970-667-3915 x37.

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Advance orders for Grass-fed beef

The demand for our 100% grass-fed beef has increased so much that to supply our customers, we have decided to double our production.  Our next crop is available October 2012 through early next year. If you’d like us to reserve some delicious beef for you, please send a $100 deposit to the address below, or call the office with your credit card info, at 970-667-3915.


David Jessup
Heart-J Beef
Sylvan Dale Ranch
2939 N. County Rd. 31D
Loveland, CO 80538


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