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David M. Jessup writes from Sylvan Dale Ranch, an historic working dude ranch in Colorado owned and operated by his family since 1946.  Here he introduces cattle and horses to guests, and guests to the ways of the West.  He loves raising grass-fed beef, preserving open space, battling invasive weeds, catching wild river trout on a fly, singing cowboy songs, and telling stories about the American West—some of them true.  Autographed copies of his debut novel, Mariano’s Crossing, can be purchased on his website.  It will be distributed to bookstores and on-line retailers after November 26, 2012.

His lovely wife, Linda Jessup, is founder of the Parent Encouragement Program in Maryland and grandmother extraordinaire.  Her writing includes poems and parenting advice, and together with her husband, blurbs about their favorite books.  They love to hear comments from folks who share these passions.

We invite your comments and participation.

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March 26, 2013

Arlene McGarrity @ 3:08 pm #

Dear Linda and David,

I just wrote an extended note to you at this site, but I think it got lost because I didn’t do the anti-spam thing.


What I said was that I loved Mariano’s Crossing. I loved that it is historically based. The explanation of the motivation behind Takansy’s taking Lena’s body away before it could be buried is so believable. The family dynamics ….AH, yes.

The Epilogue is a lovely surprise! So Sylvan Dale Ranch is at the site of the Alexander family homestead?!! What a treasure you have created in the story and in the ranch!

AS a young teen I had a horse and I used to dream of living on a ranch one day. This book brought all that back. It was fun to imagine….And it will make a really enjoyable movie!

May you be awash in a financial bonanza!


December 10, 2013

David and Linda, I’m a freelance writer in SD, was doing research on carbon ranching and found the information about what you’ve done there on the ranch. Then I learned of the devastating flood you experienced earlier this year. My condolences on all you lost. I trust restoration activities are going well.

I would love to visit with you about your carbon ranching efforts. I realize that the work you did may have been completely undone by the flood. Still, let me know if you feel there’s value in sharing what you did and the results of your work. I believe carbon ranching will be gaining great strength in upcoming years.

Feel free to call me: 605-660-0378. – Loretta

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