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Frequently Asked Questions
about Green Ranch Practices

Q:  Is the establishment committed to Sustainable Practices from the CEO on down?

A:  Our "green practices" started in 1946 when Maurice and Mayme Jessup purchased Sylvan Dale Ranch.  The present second-generation owners, David and Susan Jessup, have continued and expanded the stewardship of the land and its resources to minimize our impact on the planet.  Today the entire staff is committed to our mission to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Q: Does the Company have a Sustainability Mission Statement?

A:  Yes, our Sustainability Mission Statement was initiated by our staff.

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Sustainability Mission

To apply practices in our daily work routine that supports a sustainable operation in harmony with the natural environment through the principle of\n

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Q: Are guest accommodations supplied with low-flow sink aerators and low-flow shower heads, and does signage encourage conservation of linens and towels?

A: Yes, and we also turn down the water heater when the cabins are vacant.

Q: Does the company have a recycling program?

A: Yes, we have an extensive recycling system for all areas of the ranch.  We recycle everything from plastics, paper, aluminum and other metals, electronics, wood, cardboard, and even the old porcelain toilets that are being replaced with low-flow units.  If we can't find a way to use it, we pass it along to someone who can, or we recycle it.

Q: Are reusables used in the service of Foods and Beverages?

A: We serve all food and beverages with reusable service ware.  We do not supply bottled water and recommend that guests bring their own reusable water bottles for outside use.  We have water bottles for sale at our gift shop.

Q:  Is non-reusable service ware recyclable or compostable?

A: Yes.  We supply compostable cups, plates, napkins, and plastic ware when necessary and then compost them on-site.  We do not use Styrofoam.

Q: Are chemicals used in cleaning and maintaining the property non-toxic and natural and are the disposable paper products used in restrooms 100% recycled?

A:  Yes.

Q: Does the property have composting?

A: Yes.  We compost all non-protein based foods and compostable service ware, along with manure from our livestock and grass clippings from grounds.  We utilize the finished compost on our lawns and flower beds.

Q: Does your Food and Beverage department purchase local or organic products?

A: Yes, we are committed to using local and Colorado produce and all natural or organic meats whenever possible.  We purchase many ingredients, including Colorado wines and brews from local vendors. We serve fair-trade coffee and teas.\n

Q: Are meeting rooms provided with windows for natural lighting and fresh air?

A: All of our meeting rooms have windows with views to our natural mountain setting.  Balconies, porches, and outside gathering areas are ideal for "blue sky break-out" sessions.  Surrounding lawns and thousands of acres of open lands are available for team-building activities and relaxation.

Q: Is the property committed to conserving energy?

A: Yes, we are in the process of replacing all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and converting light fixtures to low-energy fixtures, and we purchase wind energy monthly.  We use motion sensors in public restrooms and are installing programmable thermostats in event areas.

Q: Does the property offer a Carbon Offset Program?

A: We are in the process of developing a program to offer carbon offsets to guests, from their front door to ours and back by using Sylvan Dale's conservation lands as a carbon-sink.  Currently, wind energy can be purchased directly through Sylvan Dale.

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