Grass Finished Beef

Sylvan Dale Ranch - Natural Beef, Grass Finished Beef

Natural Beef — Since The Mid-60’s

Natural beef has been a tradition at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch since the mid-60’s when Maurice and Mayme Jessup bought their first herd of Charolais. Over time they developed a unique herd well-suited to the grasslands of our Rocky Mountain foothills. Recently we introduced Red Angus, Lowline Angus and Devon breeding stock into the herd, which are known for high weight gains on grass and tenderness of the meat.

Our Mission: To produce the most tender and healthy 100% grass-fed beef in a manner that protects and enhances the environment and provides a first-class recreational and educational ranching experience for Sylvan Dale guests.

Today, our cattle free-range on adjacent forest land, as well as our 3,200-acre ranch, over 80% of which is protected by conservation easements. Our rotational grazing practices stimulate vegetation re-growth and also help to prevent the build-up of fuels on the forest floor thus reducing the risk of wildfire.

We are extremely proud of our herd and the quality natural beef they provide. We invite you to tour our working ranch and see our handsome herd!

For more information, please review the 2018 Beef Brochure below, then give us a call at 970.667.3915 or email

2018 Sylvan Dale Ranch Beef Booklet (pdf)

Locally Raised and Processed

When you buy our grass-finished Heart-J Beef you know where your beef comes from! Your purchase helps contribute to the preservation of open lands, wildlife and the western lifestyle! Heart-J Beef is processed in a clean, local, USDA-inspected facility.

Why Is Grass-Fed Healthier?

Industrial beef is fattened on a diet of mostly corn and grain which results in meat with an excessively high Omega-6 — Omega-3 fat ratio, which causes heart problems. Our herd cattle receive an all-grass diet (grass-fed and grass-finished) so you get Omega-3 in the proper ratio. Grass-fed/finished beef is also rich in CLA, a cancer and fat fighting compound!

How To Order and Where to Pick Up?

To order, call 970.667.3915 or send an email to We’re located just 7 miles west of Loveland, Colorado on US Highway 34. We don’t always have beef available as we sell out often, so be sure to arrange an order first, and we’ll help you with pick-up appointments on ranch when the meat is ready.