When It Snows, There’s Birds!

Wow, what a great day birding!

The “Birding The Big Thompson” monthly bird walk series had a special outing here at the ranch. The day broke, gray and beautiful with gently falling snow. Typical weather for April in Colorado. We tallied over 30 species of birds! Many of our participants saw new “life birds”, meaning it was the first time ever that they saw a specific species!

One of the highlights of the day was a Broad-winged Hawk with prey – an unfortunate Black-billed Magpie. Another was the gorgeous flock of Western Bluebirds – joined by one Mountain Bluebird.

We also were entertained by a feisty flock of Bushtits – mixed in were a couple of Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

All of the folks on the walk want to come back in June, when all of our breeding birds will be here. I’m working on a date, if you want to join us, please contact me, Connie, at z blue heron at gmail dot com (minus the spaces) or the ranch!

You can view more photos of the birds spotted at Connie’s blog, Birds O’ The Morning.

Visit Sylvan Dale’s Nature & Birding page for more birding information and to download a checklist of the potential avifauna of Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, courtesy of David M. Armstrong, Sylvan Dale’s Resident Naturalist.