To Connect, Disconnect!

Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.

Marilyn vos Savant

lady-with-cell-phone.jpgIn the modern times we live, it seems everything and everyone is ‘connected.’ But, as indicated by Marilyn vos Savant, electric communication is absent the orderly benefit of a shared environment. Although there are a wealth of benefits to electronic connectedness, there are also drawbacks. Perhaps like me, you have noticed the following:

– Interacting via social media has commonly replaced what used to be a meeting, face-to-face…
– “Let’s chat” has a new meaning…
– Texting has replaced the whisper, and is becoming a modern addiction (I’ve seen people texting each other when they were sitting together!)

Being ‘connected’ can enhance our communication, and it has the potential to greatly increase the frequency of our communication (much like the telephone did) — this is good. However, it is wise to consider the quality and effectiveness of our modern communication.

Face-to-face communication is more personal, more intimate, and it creates an interpersonal dynamic that electronic communication can never equal.

One communication-crippling handicap of non face-to-face communication is the greater ease of distraction, and the temptation to multitask it invites. Maybe you can relate? I am certainly guilty! I find it hard to resist checking my calendar, reading e-mail, or cruising the web if I am at my computer while talking on the phone; it’s easy to argue that I am just “filling the gaps.” But, if I want to have a quality conversation, I move to somewhere quiet, someplace clear of distractions.



When we deprive others our focused attention, we miss important bits (don’t miss the techie pun here), of their message. While modern communication technology is wonderful, it cannot convey the the subtle nuances present when visiting a friend in person; and indeed these nuances are a present.

Being ‘present’ has always been a challenge, and distractions are harder to resist when there are a half-dozen connected devices competing for your attention.

To Connect, Disconnect

If you have been feeling a little disconnected from your family and friends, maybe it is time to gather on some common ground to ‘disconnect,’ in order to connect with them at a deeper level.

At Sylvan Dale, we delight in providing an ideal environment to to unplug from all the distractions of daily life, so you can reconnect with what is truly important — people.

Get Away to Sylvan Dale, to Get With the Art of Connecting.

You managed to engage three teenage girls to the point they didn’t even carry their cell phones. They are STILL talking about their adventures at the ranch and plan on being back next year. — Laura Littlebear

The article below provides information I think you will enjoy. The author calls getaways like Dude Ranch Vacations, ‘throwback’ vacations. Give her article a quick read, and if it strikes a chord, you might consider giving us a call. We’ve got the cure for connectivitis!

From the article:

Unplug and Unwind in a ‘Throwback’ Vacation –

With everything in life getting faster and more advanced, from technology to food to the many ways of communication, there is a segment of the population looking to slow things down. They want to unplug and unwind, and many are finding that they are able to do so in a “throwback” or retro-style vacation.