The Customer is Always Wrong



So, why do I say “the customer is always wrong?” Sure, it’s provocative and grabs attention, but here’s the deal, more often than not, it is true! Why? Because you and I always have expectations.

Whether vague or deeply imagined, you anticipate what to expect when you get here.  And depending on whether you came for an adventurous dude ranch vacation or a relaxing bed and breakfast getaway, or for a destination wedding, or for our trophy fishing experience, company retreat, or horseback-riding adventure, your anticipation of each activity is bound to conjure up some images.

At Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch our goal is to deliver an experience that goes beyond what you envision, to surpass your expectations, showing them to be “wrong,” to give you an experience even better than you imagined.

Now of course this gets to be a challenge when you keep coming back (which many of our guests do), because each time you have experienced just what I’m talking about. So, we thrive on the challenge to keep over-delivering, giving you more of what you come here to do, and more “can’t stop talking about it” experiences to share with your friends back home.

So… we invite you to put us to the test. If you have never been to a Dude Ranch, give Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch a call. And if you think a Dude Ranch Vacation just isn’t your thing, well, we would like to prove you “wrong!”