Dusty Rawhide


Horse of the Month — Dusty Rawhide

Born May 20th, 2009 “Rawhide” was the last of our colts to be born last year. We had all four colts (boys) and no fillies (girls) last year so it is fun to go out and work with the boys. Colts are generally not as sensitive as the fillies and this is proving to be true with this bunch.

“Rawhide” is out of our good brown mare “Sally” and by our stallion “Gold Dust Trail”. He is a beautiful Buckskin color with white socks with black dots in them on his back legs. It looks like he has holes in his socks!

Of all the “Sally” foals he is the friendliest and is the first one to come to the fence to say “Hi! Pet me!”

We have two full brothers to Rawhide; they are both buckskins, “Ben” who is 5 years old and “Rodeo” who is 2 years old. We have two full sisters, who are both bay in color — “Poco Jet” is 6 years old and “Cowgirl” is 3 years old. We know they will all eventually make excellent mounts for you.

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