Sharing an Anniversary for Valentine’s


You’re likely familiar with the Loveland Valentine re-mailing program for which Loveland, Colorado is famous:

Loveland is perhaps best known nationwide as the home of the “Valentine Re-Mailing Program”. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Valentines are packaged inside larger envelopes and sent to Loveland, where volunteers hand-stamp them with a Valentine’s verse and send them on to the intended recipients. Each year a contest is held by the Chamber of Commerce and promoted through through the local newspaper, the Reporter Herald, for residents to submit their designs and verses. — With Love From Loveland

You may not be aware however that Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch has been treating valentines to our legendary hospitality just as long as the city of Loveland has been operating it’s legendary letter re-mailing program, (1946-2011).


Sharing an Anniversary

2011 marks the 65th anniversary of Loveland’s Valentine Re-Mailing Program and Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch is celebrating 65 years as a Colorado guest ranch and favorite family vacation destination; it’s a marvelous marriage of coincidence!

If you’re seeking a great way to celebrate your Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day why not come to Sylvan Dale? We have a wonderful Valentine’s B&B Getaway package on the 12th that’s sure to hit the (sweet) spot! While you’re here you can pick up your copy of the official valentine card for 2011 at the gift shop.

Learn more about the Loveland Valentine Re-Mailing Program from With Love From Loveland’s website or the Loveland Chamber’s Valentine’s page.

New in Loveland for 2011 is the 1st Annual Sweetheart City Valentine Business Decorating Contest! Hopefully the contest will bring plenty more Valentine spirit to the downtown area. Be sure to check out the participating businesses and vote for your favorite, we hear they’re giving away a Sweetheart City package!