Gettin’ ‘Squirrelly’ for the Holidays!

We love nature and our beautiful valley teeming with wildlife. As the upcoming Christmas holiday draws closer it’s easy to find ourselves dashing and scurrying about tending to the various activities of this time of year, but we’re not alone!

squirrelSylvan Dale’s resident naturalist David Armstrong has been featured in an article published today on that shares some interesting facts about our neighborly squirrels who are also busy about their own seasonal routine.

Take a moment to read the article, “‘Squirrelly’ for a reason, during this season” and perhaps learn a bit more about these popular and delightful little creatures.

If you’d like a chance to see these playful critters in their natural environment come on out to Sylvan Dale for a visit. We also invite you to join us for our Christmas Eve Eve’s, Candlelight & Carols celebration where you’ll enjoy some of the best cooking with choral performance by the Loveland Choral Society.

You’ll also get to experience a natural slice of paradise that’s practically in your backyard. Click on over to for all the details of this traditional and festive favorite in Loveland, CO.

David Armstrong is a co-owner of Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch and professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology and environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.