Fly Fishing Reports – “It’s Almost Spring!”

Submitted by Ted Meredith, Ranch Guide 970.215.2816 ~ March 3:

“Mother Lake was fishing well on Friday with big trout taking light Clouser minnow patterns and crayfish worked on the bottom very slowly.  Some Chironomid action was noted with midge larva suspended below a strike indicator.  Midges were hatching on Saturday, as new adults could be seen hovering in the sunlight.

No noticeable takes from the trout were seen on the surface yet, although the fish were seeing the food activity. There is no ice on Mother Lake and the water level is at full capacity.  Island Lake still has a large percentage of ice covering the surface of the water.   Weldon Pond is 75 % open.  Long Lake, Hourglass and Big Pump are covered with ice.  For bass fishing, Little Pump and Snapping Turtle are ice free.

Big Lake is still covered with ice.   The Lower Valley River is mostly free from ice although the flow and water levels are minimal.  River fish can be spotted concentrated in pools waiting for more water to allowing them to explore to other areas.”


Happy March Angler on Mother Lake!

Happy March Angler on Mother Lake!

Submitted by Chuck Prather, Ranch Guide  303.979.3077 ~ March 2:

“I fished the Big Valley the last two weeks and a fellow guide took 8 fish from a float tube with a #10 black woolly in the deeper end of Mother Lake.  I came back the next week and caught bass in the lake east of Pump Lake with #10 black midge. The bass were about three lbs. and it was a challenge just to see if I could catch them in very cold water. (Editor’s Note: but since Chuck is such a pro, he did indeed catch bass in cold water! ;-)

Weldon Lake fished well for trout with a dark woolly bugger and later in the day caught fish on a midge dry fly. The river was partially open and due to a warming trend today and this week hopefully the river will have a lot more areas to fish!”


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