Fly Fishing Report, Valley & River ~ 10/8/12

Thanks, Marty Staab of Elkhorn Fly Rod & Reel for this report.  And Deniese, a guide from the same shop, for the pics!

Denise Fishing in Big Valley

Denise Fishing in Big Valley

“Sunrise at Mother Lake featured a glassy surface and many fish sipping near shore. A Callibaetis spinner was effective until the sun got a little higher, after which the rises decreased markedly, so we switched to float tubes and deep crawbuggers trailed with an olive stillwater nymph. The fish preferred big buggers, and slow retrieves, but several nice fish preferred the smaller trailing nymph.

Midmorning, Weldon had many feeding fish, and after many swirling surface refusals of hoppers and chernobyl ant, dropping a red chironomid sealed the deal. There are still active hoppers in the grass around the lake, and I would expect working tight to shoreline to be effective in the warmer and windier parts of the day.

We spent an hour mid-day scouting the river at the Ranch. Blue Winged Olives were apparent, and although we didn’t find rising fish, an RS-2 accounted for pretty fast action in the short time we spent.  (Editor’s Note: from the smile on Deniese’s face in the river shot below, I’d say that little time made for big fun!)

We returned to Mother Lake at days end, and it looks like the lake is ready to turn over, as lots of debris was breaking loose and floating to the surface. It wasn’t enough to foul line or flies, and the water remained clear.  The fish put on quite a show with the slow tantalizing rises, and a Mother’s Midge was taken with confidence.”


Guide Deniese of Elkhorn Fly Rod & Reel enjoying some Big T time!

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