Fly Fishing Report ~ Main River & Big Valley

Thank you, Wallace Westfeldt of MudBug Co. and Front Range Anglers for this fly fishing report.  They have guided 4 trips to SDR since Wed the 13th.  For anglers who love to have the best gear, I must point out the excellent and VERY LARGE net that Wallace employs here.  Gotta have a big net for big fish!  Thanks, Wallace!

Lower Valley River: Too low to be of much use.

Main Ranch River: Clear of ice with low water. Significant midge hatch from about 10am-1pm. On Friday first dozen fish caught on #18 Adams and #22 Mole Fly fished as double dry. Later in the day caught on Poison Blue Tung and Copper Ribbed RS2. Low water limits the number of places to fish. Dining Hall riffle excellent as usual. North edge of Pyramid rock also had lots of fish rising. Not very good conditions for beginners. A reasonable cast is required.


Wallace, a big trout, big smiles and a big net!

Mother Lake: Fishing is good with many lulls during the day. SW corner has been the hottest, but fish are active all along west side and NE corner (many false spawners there). Crawfish and minnow population not nearly as apparent as this time last year. But there is a lot more Midge activity. Fish have been taken on streamers but not as many as on insects. A wide variety of flies have worked, but the most frequent success has been on small Chronomids (Root Beer, Red, and Black). Best beginner rig without boats is two Chronomids under an indicator.  Also, regular success on Griffiths Gnat, Mother’s Lake Midge, small emergers. Other flies that have caught fish include: Black BH Zebra, Pheasant Tail, Pyscho Prince, Renegade, Mole Fly. Streamers that caught fish include: Black unweighted leech behind Crazy Charlie, solo Crazy Charlie, Rusty Squirrel Leech, Bellyache.


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