Fly Fishing Report: Competing with a Bald Eagle!

bald-eagle cruising fishing above a lake

American Bald Eagle ⇱

As of November 27, 2012, Mother Lake was in good shape. Water levels were full with clarity slightly off color and a noticeable covering of bottom algae was apparent.

Although the air temperature was around freezing during the late morning check, the water remains free from ice. Some shoreline crystals showed evidence of nightly freezing, however the warmer spring waters flowing into the lake on the South end were close to 46 degrees. Water temperature lowered to 42 degrees near the North end of the lake, as waters in nearby Island Lake had already frozen on approximately 75 % of the lake.

Fish were still active on the bottom with strikes on crayfish patterns and crayfish colored streamers worked slowly near the bottom. At Noon no midge hatches were noticed with only a minimal number of noses being observed.

There was also an abundance of waterfowl on the lakes, as well as a lone Bald Eagle perched in the branches above the water, thinking about the same thing I was! The population of trout in Mother Lake appears to be at a very respectable level.

One wonders if fish can sense the changing of the season and realize a "need to feed" before the surface becomes frozen.

Thanks to Ted Meredith, Senior Ranch Guide, for this report.  If you want to compete with eagles for big trout, call him at 970 215 2816.

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