Fly Fishing Report, Big Valley ~ 10/1/12

Autumn has arrived and as usual, Mother Lake is fishing well. Midges seem to be the soup d’jour for the big trout as dorsal fins break the water while fish are sipping emergers just below the surface.

Chrononmids with red or black bodies suspended just below the surface on 5x tippet provide enough of an illusion for the picky fish. Occasionally the big boys will surface with a loud slurp to engulf adult insects getting ready for flight.

Small midge patterns size 18-22 can entice a strike from below. Callibaetes mayflies can be seen flittering around the area, which certainly catches the trout’s attention. Larger parachute Adams or speckle body mayflies in size 14-16 can also bring some action.

A small black beetle size 12-18 can convince even the most wary bow and will often bring a take without hesitation. Temperature near the edge of the lake is close to 60 degrees, which is much better than the higher degrees of summer.

Fishing is now open in all of Island Lake, which holds good numbers of larger fish.

Submitted by Senior Ranch Guide, Ted Meredith 970.215.2816

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