Every day is Earth Day!

Every day is Earth Day at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch.

In our daily activities we try to keep in mind that this is the first day of the rest of the life of the planet.

This happens in little ways and larger ones. On the personal scale, Team leads and their staffs are sensitive to the “Four R’s”—Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. This comes naturally at Sylvan Dale. The modern guest ranch operation was founded in 1946 by Maurice and Mayme "Tillie" Jessup, both “children of the Great Depression.” Re-use was simply a matter of survival and recycling earned a few extra pennies.


One of my first jobs as a Sylvan Dale volunteer in the 1960s was straightening bent, used nails for re-use—in the tool room under the Homestead. (That’s now the Kitchen’s “Dry Storage”—even rooms get re-purposed and re-used at Sylvan Dale!)

Today, we’re thinking on a larger scale, with green practices in day-to-day routines across the Ranch and energy-saving retrofits to facilities as finances allow. Life-cycle costs have become part of procurement decisions. We try to “buy local” for the Ranch Kitchen, and, of course, we “sell local”, by making our healthy grass-finished Heart-J Beef available to our ranch guests as a well as to the good folks in our community.

Come see us at the Ranch! We look forward to sharing ideas about sustainability with you…and we look forward to learning from your own experiences.

Here are best wishes for Happy Earth Day…and many more!