Born Yesterday

Twin-CalvesWe Got Twins! Say “hello” to the new kids, uh we mean calves, in town.

Just born yesterday the twins are healthy and doing fine ‘getting their legs’. There are also photos of Sylvan Dale’s first Angus calf that was born just last week on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011.

You can view the twins adorable baby pics here :)

Cow #337 doubled her love this February by giving birth to not one, but two babies! Krista Holsclaw, Cattle manager at Sylvan Dale Ranch, discovered the babies during her early morning rounds. Twinning rates are 1% or less in most beef breeds, but range higher in some dairy breeds.

Sylvan Dale Ranch started as a cow-calf operation in the early 1900’s when rancher Frend Neville ran his herd on the property. Maurice and Mayme Jessup, who purchased the Ranch in 1946, re-introduced ranching to the Valley in the mid-1960’s when they purchased a herd of Charolais cattle – a French breed then new to the US. Bloodlines from that original herd still remain.

The Sylvan Dale herd grazes on 3,000 acres of Ranch lands, over 60% of which is protected by conservation easements. Additional summer grazing is provided by a Forest Service lease on the Cedar Creek Allotment. “We are most grateful to have additional grazing on the forest for our fine herd,” says Susan Jessup, Ranch owner.

Guests at the Ranch have the opportunity to experience the western lifestyle by participating in cattle roundups and drives and other cattle work.

Sylvan Dale Ranch is located 7 miles west of Loveland, off Hwy 34. The entry gate is on the right just before you enter the Big Thompson Canyon. Sylvan Dale is a local producer of grass-fed natural beef and also provides lodging and meals horseback riding, fishing, and a wide variety of other Ranch services to the public. Call for information: 970-667-3915. Or drive in to look around!