Bobcat Sightings!

bobcats-clip-bob-savannahThere have been increasing sightings of a resident bobcat and her kits at the ranch. Here’s a few stories from those that have been fortunate enough to see this beautiful cat.

Mrs. Bobcat and her two pre-teen bob-kits sauntered past Tillie’s house about a month ago. I was preparing lunch in Tillie’s kitchen when they walked along the walkway right beneath the kitchen windows. My pastrami sandwich nearly fell out of my hand. I took the basement stairs two at a time, grabbed my camera and flew out of the door to the lower driveway. By that time, all I could see was three sets of pointed ears trotting along the edge of the parking lot. I snapped away, getting a picture of nothing, then ran down the hill. The parking lot was empty. But my head was full of the image of those beautiful creatures, robed like kings.

— David J

Our guests on Friday night (Joy Park and her husband) got a very close look at the bobcat. They got out of their car and saw him sitting by the side of the road looking at them. they were very excited. I saw the bobcat twice on Friday. It was about 4:45 the first time I saw him walking down the sidewalk by the swimming pool and I saw him again as I was leaving work. He ran across the road from the Homestead and jumped up on the stone wall and headed up towards you about 5:10 pm. First time I’ve seen one in the wild. I was excited to get to experience that. I was very surprised to see him out in the open like that with people on ranch.

— Deb L.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement on the rough lawn out of my office window. Glancing up, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ve only seen a bobcat once in all my years of hiking about and living in the country – and here was a large, stunningly beautiful, muscular bobcat ten feet away! It was so close, I could see the pointed tufts of hair on the tips of its ears, all the spots and markings, including the white around its eyes, making it look quite focused. The hair hanging down in points on either side of its chin reminded me of “mutton chop” beards, though on the bobcat, it looks much better than humans! I grabbed the camera and managed to get this shot! WOW!

— Kathi W.