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Owner Partner at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

Owner Partner at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

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Choosing a quality riding stable

Heads up! If you are looking for a quality horseback riding adventure near Fort Collins or Loveland, you may find the experience is not that easy to find.

A few weeks ago we received a call from our good friend Jeff Anderson at Tip Top Ranch in Bellvue letting us know that they have closed their riding operation and guest facilities. Now, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch remains the sole riding stable in the area. In this article you will learn how to choose a quality riding stable.

When choosing a riding facility here are some things to look for:

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The hot days have given way to cooler nights and 3-½ inches of rain! What a blessing to the hills and the pastures and all the critters that rely on their forage. Soon the cottonwood will bathe the valley in bright yellow. Fall is here! And the geese are gone!

It’s time to reflect on the 65th anniversary summer season that brought so many good friends back “home” and so many new friends through the Ranch entry gates. We continue to relive the memories of your visit as we go about our daily routines—jingling horses, serving pancakes, making beds, and greeting guests. We hope you will turn to those memories when you need a bit of encouragement or a hug in your day.

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At 5200 feet, March heralds the return of Spring to the Sylvan Dale Valley.

Heading down the hill to the office I was greeted by the chatter of house finches already scoping out their nests. The frozen waterfall at the bend of the river has all but melted, and the clean white snow that has covered the ground for most of the winter is giving way to patches of mud.

I can actually smell the earth awakening!

Frozen Waterfall

Frozen Waterfall

The mama cows have returned from their winter grazing in the Big Valley and their calves – 34 to date – are finding their legs and their mother’s milk.

I overheard Margie’s baby talking to a newcomer about how you will be returning this summer to help them find their way to Cedar Park where they will graze the mountain pastures.

Things will be hopping for us in the next three months as we prepare for your return.

Can’t wait!


Hubbard and Leone Tomlinson

Some of you may remember "The Duke" and "The Madam," Tillie’s parents from Arkansas who lived in the house across the River until their passing in the 1970’s.

Truck farmers by trade, they provided the ranch with fresh vegetables from a large vegetable garden that extended from the back of the cabins to the river.

This year some of the Ranch Crew is initiating a small vegetable garden that will provide some produce for guest meals. It has been named The Tomlinson Patch in memory of these two special people.

Five raised beds will be in place on the Hilltop tended by committed staff who desire to grow natural pesticide-free produce, yet another step down the road to sustainable green practices.

Nancy, graduate of CSU in horticulture, head gardener and certified yoga instructor, has a wealth of knowledge and will be conducting mini courses in the art of gardening the natural way.

We welcome your participation at your next visit!


“The Tomlinson Patch”