April Foal! Our first of 2011

Just minutes after midnight, at 12:03 a.m. Friday April 1st 2011, Sylvan Dale welcomed a new “April Foal” to the family. The new colt is also his mother Kiowa’s first!

Kiowa is a paint mare that was rescued last spring from a stable in Fort Collins.

Sylvan Dale’s Horse manager Barb Jepson shares the story:

“ Kiowa’s pregnancy wasn’t planned as usual. Our stallion got out of his pen last spring and broke through the pasture fence! The new colt is a palomino like his daddy. He was so big his mom was having a little problem getting him here but thankfully Ge (Sylvan Dale Sales manager) was doing the night check on Thursday evening and knew the mare was going to foal that night. Ge called me at 11:39 and I got to the ranch a couple minutes before midnight.

Mares usually foal within 20 minutes of laying down to deliver. Since the baby wasn’t out yet and I couldn’t see very well in the truck headlights, I decided to have a closer look. When I got up to Kiowa I could tell the baby had one leg back and was stuck. So I cleared the sack off his head and grabbed the leg that was back and started to pull. As soon as I started to pull Kiowa started pushing and he was about half way out when I felt him take a breath. He is one of the biggest foals I’ve ever seen!

He had a tight tendon on one front leg so he had problems standing and nursing. Ge and I were up until 5:00 am trying to get him to latch on and nurse on his own. We were very lucky that Kiowa is a nice mare and allowed us to help get the foal to nurse. She could have been protective and aggressive, but she was very good and let us handle him as much as we needed. The wind was blowing like crazy, blasting us with sand all the time we were helping with our ‘midwife’ duties. So we are going to name him “Dusty Breeze”, or just Breezy for short. ”

Well Ol’ Breezy is up and horsing around OK as you can see in this short video clip. Stop on by and visit Dusty Breeze for yourself and welcome him to the herd; he’s a good looking colt!