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Craig and Fred, Mother Lake

Craig and Fred, Mother Lake

Ben Miller, professional guide out of Rocky Mountain Anglers and a favorite among guests, enjoyed a day of fly fishing for giant trout this week with his friend Craig (pictured left) and his other long-time friend, Fred (also pictured left ;-).  When he related they had a great day on the waters despite the summer heat, I asked the question all anglers want to know, “What exact fly pattern caught Big Fred? What flies were working well through the day? That is if you divulge your special flies, of course!”

Ben replied, I’m sure sporting a sly, wry smile (though I couldn’t see it through an email), “The fly in question is kinda my secret weapon out there, but I can tell you that large streamers with a fast strip was the answer. Dry droppers worked well in the morning: a juju baetis dropped below a sparkle dun. Small black leeches turned some fish as well on a slow strip.”

Classic answer from a true angling pro!  Ben and other guides who have their own “Secrets of the Hook” at Sylvan Dale’s private fly fishing waters, can be reached at Rocky Mountain Anglers if you want to have a chance at learning that “secret weapon” and other fly fishing skills!

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