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You’re likely familiar with the Loveland Valentine re-mailing program for which Loveland, Colorado is famous:

Loveland is perhaps best known nationwide as the home of the “Valentine Re-Mailing Program”. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Valentines are packaged inside larger envelopes and sent to Loveland, where volunteers hand-stamp them with a Valentine’s verse and send them on to the intended recipients. Each year a contest is held by the Chamber of Commerce and promoted through through the local newspaper, the Reporter Herald, for residents to submit their designs and verses. — With Love From Loveland

You may not be aware however that Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch has been treating valentines to our legendary hospitality just as long as the city of Loveland has been operating it’s legendary letter re-mailing program, (1946-2011).

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Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

It was Christmas night, around ten-twenty in the evening when Scott Atchison, executive Chef at Sylvan Dale, was getting ready to let out “Forrest”.

Forrest is Scott’s 55 pound Border Collie who was sporting a brand new blinking collar (because black dogs are awfully hard to see in the dark of the night). Forrest usually waits to be let out — but not this night, the dog ran to the front of the house with Scott following behind.



Once outside Forrest began running about frenetically, the small yellow light on his collar blinking and tracing his movements in the darkness while Scott tried to keep the beam of his small flashlight fixed on the dog.

Moments later Scott heard a growl followed by a shrill cry. He looks to see the source of the strange squeal but his small flashlight was insufficient to illuminate the area. He sees clearly enough however to view a mountain lion as it heads toward the river.

Mountain Lion at Sylvan Dale

Mountain Lion at Sylvan Dale

Scott rushed inside to retrieve a ‘real’ spotlight, one of those light up the night rigs and goes looking for the Cat. He headed back to the location where he’d heard the growling and screaming. Approaching the spot, about 10 or 15 feet away, he observed the lion clawing at the wood of the old pump station.

Apparently something startled the cat and it escaped from the area, racing across the frozen river slipping and sliding all the way. Maybe Forrest the alien-looking dog scared it off, but Scott figured the wild cat was just trying to get away and decided it was a good idea to do the same!

Scott reports the lion appeared to be younger, perhaps about a year old and weighing around 100lbs. “Good thing it ran the other way,” says Scott, “because with my worn knees, I don’t run so well!”

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