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Ecological research will be ongoing at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch over the next few months to years.  

Dr. McCain and a variety of students will be doing ecological research on vegetation, climate, and small mammals in Sulzer Gulch and Cedar Park (especially on Palisade Mountain). They will be setting livetraps and a variety of other equipment, as well as temporary flags to identify transects and other study sites.  

Dr. Christy McCain is a biologist at CU-Boulder (a professor in the Museum of Natural History and the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology). Results from this work will help inform SDR’s land management activities.

While you’re at Sylvan Dale you may see Christy or her students at work now and then. Their vehicles may be parked near the Cedar Park Cabin or above Echo Lake near Sulzer Gulch. Their vehicles will be identified with placards.

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