3 types of meetings

Business meeting - retreat at Sylvan Dale Ranch

Business Gatherings at Sylvan Dale Ranch

Over 300 businesses have picked Sylvan Dale Ranch as the venue of choice their business meeting or retreat.

While we can accommodate nearly any type of business related gathering, three types of business functions have found Sylvan Dale’s truly unique combination location, facilities and staff to be particularly amenable to their needs.


Sylvan Dale Ranch is perfectly equipped to host your company training, including state-of-the-art technology, customizable indoor spaces, world class food and beverage service and a renowned staff to help you make it all happen.

What most training venues do not have, however, is a 3,200-acre outdoor space to stage recreational activities, team building or even an outdoor laboratory. Add these features to our proximity to Front Range cities and Denver International Airport and Sylvan Dale Ranch stands out as a perfect location to host your next training.

Testimonial goes here: We have held our annual training at Sylvan Dale Ranch for the past five years…

Health / Wellness

Many organizations have asked Sylvan Dale to host their wellness, health or “self-help” related function. For these types of gatherings, place can be essential for the overall success of a program. While we have all the essentials covered (customizable indoor spaces, technology and out of this world food and amenities), Sylvan Dale offers a truly unique setting along the Big Thompson River that promotes a sense of calm and well being the minute you and your guests arrive. What a perfect setting to promote health and well being.

The location of Sylvan Dale, at the mouth of the Big Thompson Canyon is breathtaking, with pristine wildlife viewing opportunities, amazing geologic formations, and cattle/horse ranch activities which all contribute to creating our amazing retreat experiences. It is an incredible place to learn, listen, observe, and heal our souls. Our clients delight in these retreats, and we enjoy coming to the ranch on a monthly basis (or more often!). I am so appreciative that the Sylvan Dale family opens their hearts and spirit to us; to allow us the pleasure of experiencing this slice of heaven for our specialized retreat events. One needs a chance to get away to nature for renewal, reflection, and rejuvenations. Our wonderful nature walks along the river, self-discovery sessions, accommodations with stone fireplaces, and the opportunity to breathe clean mountain air allows us to leave the Ranch with renewed levels of creativity, inspirations, hope, and vigor!

Dr. Allen D. Brandon, Ph.D.
Director, Rocky Mountain Neuropsychological Sciences, P.C.

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning requires a space that encourages conversation, collaboration and focus and is nicely separate from the usual daily grind. While much strategic planning conversations occur in standard conference rooms and meeting spaces that do not necessarily, it doesn’t have to! Imagine these collaborative and inspiring spaces, accompanied by nearly limitless recreational activities or team building opportunities. Or imagine a meeting venue where even a simple break between sessions is an opportunity to sneak in a hike along the river or up the ridge for an inspirational view. This place is Sylvan Dale.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sylvan Dale’s facility for any corporate group that wants to combine business and team building. Sylvan Dale’s facility offered everything we needed for a productive meeting. The location is conveniently close to Loveland / Fort Collins, yet the setting is quiet and felt far away. This enabled us all to remove ourselves mentally from our daily responsibilities so we could focus our energies on the topics of the meeting.

Our attendees from both domestic and international locations enjoyed the ranching atmosphere, which gave everyone a flavor for the unique beauty of Colorado and the American West.

The highlight of our meeting was the equine-assisted team building activity. For an afternoon, we were all ranch hands, learning riding skills as a group and then putting them immediately to use in activities that tested and further developed our communication and teamwork skills.

Not only was the team-building highly effective for our group, but the experience was so unique that it will be remembered for years to come.

Bob Steiner, Director, R&D, Hewlett-Packard